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Northern Academy's History

Northern Academy is a tutoring and test preparation center founded by teachers who put education before business. Unhappy with how some other schools were focusing solely on the business rather than the education and students of the school, they turned their passion for education and student success into a community of their own. They are teachers first and business owners second, and their dedication towards their students and the school proves that.

Now with a small team of like minded teachers, Northern Academy has become a community focused on education and helping students achieve their academic and language goals. Our small yet passionate team of teachers allows us to achieve things that larger institutions and franchises cannot – from staying after hours to coming in on holidays for last minute exam crunch classes – our teachers are always ready to put our students first.

Community Focused

We strive to offer more than just professional education. Our staff and teachers are also focused on supporting and caring for our students during and after their time with us. 

Results Driven

Every student has a specific band score they are required to achieve on the IELTS test, and we put everything we have towards pushing our students forward and making that score a reality. 

Forward Thinking

Our team wants to help you strategically plan for the future. From University applications to confusing immigration forms, our support system goes far beyond just the IELTS test.

A History of Success

  • I would like to thank my teacher, Kyle. Because of him, I was able to get a 7.5 band score. I really enjoyed all of the lessons and thanks to him, my English improved significantly and I was able to get my Canadian permanent residence.

  • When I first met Kyle, I was struggling with my IELTS process, but in a short period of time, Kyle was able to help me reach Band 7.0. I am so glad I found him and definitely recommend him to all IELTS candidates.

  • I needed to take IELTS for Canadian immigration purposes, and Kyle helped me a lot. In those few weeks of coaching I learned a lot of things from him. I was only able to achieve my target band score because of him. Thank you very much!


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